Adaptive Content

Peek behind the scenes. See how this page was tailored for you.

Adaptive Content: behind the scenes

What is that on/off button for?

This website knows you've been browsing it for less than a minute and you've not been to our home page yet. We can even tell how far down each page you've scrolled.

So what?  Doesn't Google Analytics give you some of that information for free?  And what's it got to do with Content?

Unlike other systems, our Content Management System collects the information in realtime and can use it to Adapt each page we show you.  This is hugely powerful and it's called Adaptive Content.  

Normally it happens "behind the scenes" and our users aren't aware of it.  But we want to show you just how powerful it is, so on every page of this website there is an on/off button which allows you to get a unique behind the scenes view of how the page has been generated specifically for you.  

Adaptive Content is at the leading edge of a better web on both desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices.  And DSC is at the leading edge of delivering this enabling technology to our customers.  Our CMS has adaptive features built-in, making it relatively easy for us to bring this incredibly powerful new technology to your web project.    
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