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Google Adwords: Starting Your Campaign

There are a number of reasons to undertake a new PPC campaign, the release of a new product or service, to reach new users, to boost your online visibility and more besides.
Google Adwords is a highly sophisticated marketing program that enables you to stay in control of your marketing budget and ensure your money is being used effectively.
We are members of the Google Engage for Agencies programme and provide management expertise for your campaign. We'll explore with you the needs of your organisation and build a campaign based on understanding your audience and your proposition.
We'll help guide you through the 5 simple steps to getting started with your new Adwords campaign.

1. Target

Understanding your audience is vital to an effective campaign. An effectively targeted campaign will engage potential visitors without wasting your budget. 
Key questions:
Where are the people you are targeting?
What are the key times they use the internet?
What else do you know about them?

2. Budget

Poorly managed PPC campaigns can be costly. It's important to set daily limits and to cap maximum bids for keywords. Once the budget is set it doesn't stop there! Keep a close eye on what's working and what isn't, don't be afraid to experiment and hone your initial plan.
Key questions:
How much are you willing to spend to reach a potential user?
How much per conversion counts as a success for you?
What is your overall budget?
How will you spread that over the coming days or weeks?

3. Focus

Have a clear proposition to sell. Create a new group for each product or service and be specific. You may have lots to offer but focusing each ad group on a single element will encourage greater returns and a more relevant ad that people are more likely to click and lead to conversions.
Key questions:
What are the different aspects of your business?
What services or products do you offer?
How can you explain to someone in just a few words one of those services?

4. Content

Now your ready to write your ad copy. You ad text needs to be engaging and persuasive. Try to make it sell your proposition specific to that ad group. Writing marketing copy can seem daunting, ask for help if you need it and try out several versions.
Key questions:
What is your unique selling point?
Do you have any offers or promotions you can run?
From your user research, what style of language appeals to your visitors?

5. Keywords

Google adwords are triggered by keywords. When someone searches for a product or service Google search results include ads that target those search terms. Showing the most relevant ads to the appropriate audience. Make an effective keywords list and bid intelligently on well search for and relevant terms.
Key questions:
What are your potential visitors searching for?
Are there similar words that should be included?
What search terms come up most often?
What search terms are being targeted by your competitors?