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Google Engage for Agencies

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to increase traffic to your site, done smartly it can lead to more conversions, more sales and greater reach. 


Google Adwords is a sophisticated marketing platform which allows you control many aspects of your advertising campaign including:


The wording of your ads is one the most important elements of your ad. Persuasive, engaging and relevant ads will increase your click through rate (CTR).

Keywords targeted

Careful selection of keywords appropriate and relevant to your audience will better ensure your ad gets in front of the right eyes.

Landing pages

With larger sites or organisations offering multiple services it is wise to target the most relevant material to the most appropriate audience. Varying the landing pages for each ad is one method of a more effective conversion campaign.


For locally based businesses or country specific services you may be wise to consider targeting your ads to certain locations. You may also wish to target different ads to different locations where wording and language is pertinent.


Certain services and sites are used at different times. Typically B2B services may be more commonly visited during office hours whereas entertainment or social media may see an increase at weekends and evenings. Looking at your web analytics will help you identify key times to attract new visitors.


As with all parts of your online presence, it is a MUST to track what is working and what needs improvement. What ads are leading to conversions? What is costing money but not bringing quality results? What keywords are working better? Where are the gaps? Careful management of your PPC campaign includes thorough analysis , ongoing monitoring and experimentation.