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Our thoughts on the design, building and running of sophisticated websites and other technological musings.

  • Anatomy of a Modern Web Page

    What does 'responsive design' or 'parallax scrolling' mean? Our brief tour of the modern webpage covers the basics you need to know.
  • Configuring the Airport Express

    The Apple Airport express wireless access device can be used in several different configurations.
  • Replacing Keys on a Macbook Pro or other Mac

    The keys on an Apple Macbook Pro are a complex design and use very brittle plastic clips. In use they are fine but when pulling them off and reattaching them they are quite delicate.
  • Google Adwords: Starting Your Campaign

    Pay per click marketing is an effective way to encourage traffic to your site, increase conversions and promote engagement. Find out how to get started.
  • Google Engage for Agencies

    Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to increase traffic to your site, done smartly it can lead to more conversions, more sales and greater reach.