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Kit - Our adaptive CMS and comprehensive website framework

Kit is DSC's custom-built website framework; it's an adaptive Content Management System and a Forum Management System and a User Management System and more besides .  It provides a wealth of functions that every website needs, reliably and efficiently. Not only that but it's easy to extend and free to use.  
At DSC we have tried building every website from scratch and we've tried using other Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal or Wordpress.  There is so much in common between most websites that  custom building each one is clearly just plain wrong.  But most pre-built CMS either lack flexibility or are incredibly difficult to use.  DSC built Kit to solve all these problems. 
It provides well-tested and tuned functionality that every site needs - content management, user management, user forums, profiles, media management, analytics, etc - and is completely extensible, whilst being an editor's dream come true in terms of ease of use.
Kit allows us to deliver custom-built web applications at price which would otherwise be impossible; it's the best of custom-built and the best of off-the-shelf, all rolled in to one.
More on Kit and its features. To learn more about the style of modern web pages, take a look at the Anatomy of a modern web page.
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