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Kit In Depth

Kit is a high quality Content Management System (CMS) providing all the features that a demanding website creator needs, but its real strength lies in how well it can be customised.  

Rather watch than read?  Watch a short demo of Kit's built-in image manipulation features.

The key to Kit: Flexibility

With most CMS systems you hit a wall, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but invariably if your needs grow beyond a single editor creating a few template-driven pages you hit it.  And if your business depends on your website, it's going to be quite a bump.  

How Kit Came To Be

DSC has been building, hosting and running websites for over 10 years, for products and companies through to charities and online communities. Over that time we've tried a variety of software for building those sites.  We've tried off-the-shelf software, both open source and commercial, and we've tried building from scratch for each new project. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages and both are far from perfect.  
So we built Kit - a platform which can deliver all the standard functions of a typical interactive website, but which is incredibly flexible, extendable and configurable. 

This way our customers end up with software that delivers the functions and flexibility of a custom-built solution, but with the efficiency, reliability, time-to-market and costs of a ready-built product.  This means you get the best of both worlds, without the disadvantages of either.

Start With Kit

A new site starts with Kit.  This provides a comprehensive, robust, well tested foundation.  For some  sites that's all that is required. Kit provides a wide variety of features and it's built from the ground up as a community system which connects you to your users and your users to each other if you wish. It's designed to allow content to be readily updated and provides lots of features to help multiple editors of different skill levels to use it.  

Kit has lots of modern features - drag and drop simplicity, in-place editing, social network integration, image slideshows/carousels as well as some seriously well thought out editing features, like revisions, a full audit-trail history for each document, auto-save and more.  

Unlike many Content Management Systems, Kit is completely without restriction  in terms of the look of absolutely everything on the page. You (or your designer, or developer) can go right down to the CSS and HTML level if you need to, all without leaving the friendly, help-filled administrative interface of Kit.  

Kit is a Community Management System as well as Content Management System, so it handles things like discussion forums with aplomb.  Because we've had to moderate discussion forums ourselves in the past, we know what a nuisance it is to have to go to a separate "admin only" section of the web app to perform moderation tasks.  So instead, we've built them right in to the forum - moderates do their moderation whilst reading the forums. Not only that, but we know how useful it is to do things like keep notes for other moderators to see, right up there next to the users' posts.  If you've ever moderated a website before you're going to love doing that job in Kit.

Whilst Kit's functionality is broad, we don't pretend it has every function that everyone could wish for.  Plenty of sites have very specific requirements for functionality not found in any Content Management System.   That's where our pedigree as web application developers comes in.

DSC Software Development

DSC is a company of web application developers, with a strong history of delivering first class custom software. We used that experience and skill to build Kit.  But we can also use it to extend Kit.  As someone buying a system, you can have the best of both worlds - all the efficiencies of an off the shelf system, low cost, low development risk, short time to market, maturity, reliability, finely honed functionality, with the flexibility and power of a custom-built system, developed by experts, without the custom-built price tag.

Customising an off the shelf system is not a new idea, nor is it unique to DSC.  Popular CMS systems, like Wordpress, Drupal or vBulletin have a plethora of plug-ins and add-on modules available.  They're of variable quality - some are fabulous but others much less so. But when it comes to adding truly custom functionality you find you have to do a lot of work, or use antiquated techniques that developers don't really want to use, or your add-on code is like a second class citizen, not having full access to the internals of the system - a bolt on that never quite fits properly and always feels like an afterthought.  With Kit, because it was designed from the outset to be extended, add on modules are quick and easy to create and they are fully fledged parts of the system.

So, Kit is a well built first-rate CCMS, which was built to be extended and DSC is a company of highly skilled developers with a track record of building great software.  Putting these together, along with first class customer service, a one-stop-shop service covering strategy, design, SEO, hosting and management, a straightforward approach to all things legal and financial, and a passion for making customers happy... well, that we think is unique.

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