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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for this, the DSC company website.  DSC is also a Data Processor a number of clients; for more information please see Data Processor.

1. The DSC website collects information about your browsing habits as you browse it.  It does not require registration, so in browsing it you do not normally provide any personal information such as name, email address, etc.  

2. We do collect your IP address and use it to analyse your use of the website.  We also may place a "cookie" (a small token of information) used to track a given visitor and/or session on the website).  You can configure your browser to block these cookies, though in doing so some of the functionality of the website may be limited.

3. We do not provide user details to any third party.  We do use software from third parties, namely Google and HotJar, to track user activity on this website.  We do not give to these third parties any further identifying information, but they can see your IP address and a cookie that we may place on your computer on their behalf.

4. Our services are hosted in the EU.  They are run in our data centres in the UK and also on web servers provided by Amazon Web Services and Linode.  Occasionally we may send data to Amazon Web Services in the USA, as a backup to our servers in the UK.  

5. If you submit a "Contact" form, we collect and record any data you choose to supply.  This is held on our servers in the UK.  It is held indefinitely, though it can be removed on request.  To remove it or to view a copy of it you can send an email to tech at  

6. We do not republish any information you provide to us nor sell it to third parties.

7. We store the information we do store under the basis of Legitimate Interest.  That is, we require this information to provide our services and run our business.  

8. We do not send marketing email.

9. For any questions about this policy please email tech at or contact us using the Contact link at the top of every page.