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Your Project

What happens when you engage DSC?

When you work with DSC, you will notice we are different to most suppliers. We are confident that you will appreciate these differences and they will make your project more successful.

Generally each project progresses through these overlapping stages.

Communication and Clarity

Before we even start working with you, we'll provide straight-talking information about what help we can offer and what you should expect at every stage. We even publish our pricing.

Listen and Learn

From our first meeting, we listen to your ideas and needs and create a friendly open dialogue where we share our expertise and thoughts and grow the idea into a joint plan.

Research and Plan

We're experienced at managing web application and software projects and we know that successful projects start with understanding and research. We undertake research of key users and stakeholders and use our analysis to inform priorities and shape the project goals. Then we discuss our plan in a transparent, collaborative, and accountable way.

Sketch and Test

Great design starts with ideas and we find ideas flow best when they have room to breathe, so we sketch and wireframe and build until we have prototypes to test. We like to have good evidence for what we're doing so we put our interfaces and designs in front of you and your stakeholders as soon as possible.

Design and Develop

Our design-and-develop phase consists of frequent, rapid iterations of prototyping/sketching, building, testing and deploying. We work in this Agile way so that you always know how the project is progressing and so we can be responsive to change.

Deploy and Improve

Once everyone is happy we're ready to launch and we deploy onto our secure hosting. We collect data for analysis from the very beginning, so we can assess performance and optimise for improvement.

Managing Your Own Website

We will make it easy for you make changes to your website so you can easily keep it up-to-date. While we encourage you to be self-sufficient, as your technical partners we are always available to provide technical support and development when needed.

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