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Straight talking extends to the prices we charge.

Just like every community, every project has unique needs. We like to get to know our prospective clients before we embark on a project so we can make sure we bring together the best team and resources to succeed while providing good value for money. But we also understand that sometimes you just need some ballpark figures to get started.  So that potential clients can make informed decisions, we publish our prices on our website.


Our projects typically start at around £10,000.  An interactive site for a new online community might cost £20,000 whilst a sophisticated online application with a comprehensive range of functionality would be closer to £50,000.  


We offer support for all the software that we deliver.  We can provide detailed technical support for the entire system, or just technical support to back up your own teams.  Support is priced on a time basis, typically at £600 a day, but can be discounted in return for a minimum monthly commitment. 


We can provide a wide range of consultancy from designers, developers, user-experience experts and more.  Typical prices for these services range from £500 to £800 per day.


We offer fully managed hosting from just £200 a month.  A busy site with more users might cost £500 a month and we can offer a multi-server cluster for £1,200 and up.  

These figures are a good guideline, but please contact us to talk about the pricing for your project in detail.

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